Kelly Perkins made her first bars of soap as Christmas presents for friends and family. After making a bit too much she found herself at a craft fair with her sister, drinking beers and selling soaps. She was hooked, but it took several years later and a light push by her hubby to turn her passion into a business. Since then the company has taken off and gone in fascinating directions.

We were thrilled to speak with Kelly today as she has a unique perspective on the craft product industry, including everything from the names of her products, her sassy catch phrases, the environmental focus from the start and her overall enthusiasm for all things sudsy.

In this interview, we dive into the craft and flea market industry, her passion and committment to sustainability, the importance and delight of buying local and of course we get down and dirty chatting about some of her favorite products. Soy Lotion Candles, Face Serum, Muscle Rub, and of course all the scent possibilities for her soaps.  

In the Denver metro area? 
Check out Spinster Sisters at the following spots: 
Cherry Creek
Boulder (aka her Pop-up Mercantile!) 

Spinster Sisters is also in boutiques across the country. Check out her store locator to check out the possibilities. 

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